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SALAMA Islamic Medical Insurance Review

One of the leading Takaful (or Islamic insurance) companies in the region, Salama Islamic Arab Insurance Company was founded more than 40 years ago in Dubai.

The company offers a number of insurance products for both individuals and businesses. These include auto or car Takaful, general Takaful (including property, travel, engineering, marine, liability), and family Takaful (which includes life plans, investments and savings plans). In addition to individual health plans the company offers group and small group plans too.

Salama Islamic Insurance Company is the oldest and largest listed Takaful company on the Dubai Financial Market, with subsidiaries that operate in Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, and Senegal, with associates in Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The company won the Family Takaful Company of the Year at the Middle East Insurance Industry Awards (MEIIA) 2015, and the Best Family Takaful Operator award at the Islamic Business and Finance Awards 2016, the Best Takaful Operator award at the Islamic Business and Finance Awards 2019.

Salama Islamic Medical Contact Details

Customer service team telephone: 800-SALAMA (800-725262)

Health claims:

[email protected]

Switchboard number: 04-5203300

Head Office Dubai Branch

4th Floor, Block A, Spectrum Building.

Oud Metha, Sheikh Rashid Road,

Dubai, UAE

P.O. Box: 10214

Tel +971 4 3577000

Fax +971 4 3577930

Email [email protected]

Customer Service Center

Ground Floor, Block A, Spectrum Building.

Oud Metha, Sheikh Rashid Road,

Dubai, UAE

P.O. Box: 10214

Tel  +971 4 5203300

Fax +971 4 2670870

Abu Dhabi Branch

Al Otaiba Building, Suite 203

P.O.Box 7688

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel  +971 2 6352577

Fax +971 2 6314252

Al Ain Branch

Khalifa Salmin Al Hameri Building,

Suite 101, P.O.Box 1623

Al Ain, UAE

Tel  +971 3 7663996

Fax +971 3 7669451

Why buy SALAMA health Takaful?

One of the main reasons to buy SALAMA Takaful is that the company strictly adheres to the principles of Islamic finance. Takaful means ‘the act of a group of people reciprocally guaranteeing each other’ and avoids both Riba (interest and usury) and Gharar (unknown or ambiguous factor in the operation of contract) which are both forbidden in Islam.

SALAMA inpatient and daycare benefit includes intensive and coronary care, hospitalization in a standard private room, stents and internal prostheses, chemotherapy, organ transplantation, congenital cases for newborn babies, parental accommodation, home nursing care.

Outpatient benefits extend to consultation, diagnostics including laboratory, radiology and imaging, prescribed medicines, physiotherapy, alternative medicine, and vaccinations.

You can also add the following optional extras to your package:

Maternity coverage: includes pre- and post-natal care, delivery, miscarriage, and or any complications.

Dental plans: includes routine dental appointments, remedial and restorative treatments, treatment for unforeseen dental problems.

Vision care

Mental and behavioral health: Service and plans that cover mental and physical health.

Health and wellness plans: Personalized support and interactive health assessments.

Critical illness benefit: Payment of lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

International assistance: Access to a large network of healthcare providers across the globe for emergency treatment.

Repatriation: Burial, cremation or repatriation of your mortal remains should you die overseas.

Value Added Extras

Once you have an online account you can make claims and then track them online.

SALAMA Islamic Arab Insurance Company is a pioneer of Shariah-compliant insurance and investing. Customers can be assured that the company’s Shari’ah Supervisory Committee, composed of internationally reputed scholars, has approved all SALAMA services.

In addition to a Customer Complaints Department, SALAMA has a Customer Happiness Department to ensure customer satisfaction. You don’t get that with many companies!

How to make a claim

You can either phone the health switchboard number: 04-5203300 or email [email protected].

Alternatively, visit the Salama.ae EasyLife portal and make your claim online.

Before you make a claim, make sure you have:

  1. Registered for an Salama.ae EasyLife account
  2. Your policy details to hand, this includes your policy and membership numbers, as well as personal details
  3. Details about the health care provider you’ve seen, your claim reimbursement form, your invoice and proof of payment, as well as the treatment, consultation or service you received
  4. Documents that support your claim. If you’re going to submit online they should be in an electronic format
  5. Your credit or debit card, or other preferred method of payment


What is Takaful?

Takaful provides much the same service for customers as conventional ‘Western’ insurance, but avoids Riba (interest and usury) and Gharar (uncertainty or risk in the operation of a contract), which are both forbidden under Sharia. One of the main distinctions between insurance and Takaful is that in the latter one’s premium is classified as a donation. But as far as you are concerned, you still pay a monthly sum and receive first class health coverage. So, if you neglect to donate, you will not be covered.

Can I ask for direct settlement of my SALAMA health Takaful?

For smaller and less expensive procedures you will probably be asked to pay the bill and then be reimbursed by SALAMA afterwards. However, for more expensive procedures you can ask for direct settlement of your bills. This means SALAMA will pay your bill directly, so you don’t have to worry that you do not have enough money in your account to cover the work.

Should I preauthorize my health treatment?

To be sure that SALAMA (or indeed any health Takaful or health insurance company) will cover your treatment it is best to contact them to check that they will cover the treatment and cost. This way you can be sure you are not unexpectedly left with a large bill. This is known as preauthorization or precertification, authorization, certification, prior authorization, guarantee of payment (GOP), or letter of authorization (LOA). Of course, this is not always possible for emergency medical care.