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Al Sagr National Insurance Company Review

Al Sagr National Insurance Overview

The Al Sagr National Insurance Company has been operating in the UAE for more than 40 years and has built the business on first class customer service and technical innovation.

Al Sagr offers a number of insurance products targeting individuals and businesses from start-ups to multinationals. Their insurance products for individuals include life insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, yachts and pleasure craft insurance, as well as medical insurance of course. Companies can buy group medical insurance through Al Sagr. His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Said Al Maktoum (1912 – 1990) issued the Emiri decree that incorporated Al Sagr as a public shareholding company on 25th December 1979. Al Maktoum – the ruler of the Dubai and the second Prime Minister of the UAE – was responsible for starting the modernization of the Emirate after oil was discovered in 1966. The company is registered with the Ministry of Eco.

Al Sagr Contact Details

Head Office

Al Sagr National Insurance Building

Consulate Area, Al Seef Street

Bur Dubai, PO Box 14614,

Dubai, UAE

Tel 04-7028500

Fax 04-3968442

[email protected]

Abu Dhabi

Office No. 2, Mohd Bin Sultan Al Dahiri Building

Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum 2nd St. (Old – Airport Road)

PO Box 4907

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel 02-6211777

Fax 02-6215656

[email protected]

Al Ain

Office no. 8, floor 4, Lebanese Roaster Building
Salahudeen Al Ayyubi Street no. 116

PO Box 87162
Al Ain, UAE

Tel 03-7640911

Fax 03-7640912

[email protected]

Sheikh Zayed Road – Dubai

Office No. 106, 2020 Building

Sheikh Zayed Road

PO Box 14614

Dubai – UAE

Tel 04-3399144

Fax 04-3399166

[email protected]


Office No. 502, Cornish plaza ll

Al Buhairah, Corniche Street

PO Box 4412

Sharjah, UAE

Tel 06-5724686

Fax 06-5721671

[email protected]


Ground Floor, Al Ghumlasi Tower 1

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street

PO Box 3927

Ajman, UAE

Tel 06-7313216

Fax 06-7313217

[email protected]

Ras Al Khaimah

Office No. 601, Al Naeem Tower II

Al Jaza Street, Al Nakheel

PO Box 13353

Ras al Khaimah, UAE

Tel 07-2270055

Fax 07-2271114

[email protected]

The Al Sagr National Insurance Company also has an associate company that operates in the following Saudi Arabian cities: Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Abha, Khobar, Al Hassa.

Why buy Al Sagr

Al Sagr National Insurance offers three packages in Dubai:

The Executive Plan

This plan is broken down into Platinum options 1 & 2 and Diamond options 1 & 2. The fullest cover of all is Platinum, which has an aggregate limit of AED 1 million, GN network including the American Hospital, Dubai, co-insurance of nil for Platinum 1 and 10% at the American Hospital, as well as coverage for dental and optical care.

The Diamond plans offer an aggregate limit of AED 500,000, GN (excluding Mediclinic for Diamond option 2), co-insurance of 20% all OP services in Saudi German Hospital, Mediclinic group & Al Zahra group for option 1, and co-insurance of 20% on all hospitals for option 2, dental and optical care are not covered in the Diamond plan.

All executive plans feature worldwide coverage, excluding the USA and Canada on a reimbursement basis.

The Standard Plan

This plan is broken down into Gold options 1 & 2 and Silver options 1 & 2.

Both Gold options offer an aggregate limit of AED 250,000, and use the RN network, the main difference between the two Gold options is that Gold I offers co-insurance of 15% on Al Zahra Hospital, while Gold 2 offers 15% co-insurance on Al Zahra and Zulakha hospitals.

Both Silver options offer an aggregate limit of AED 150,000 and use the RN2 network, the main difference between the two Silver options is that Silver 1 has no co-insurance, while Silver 2 offers 15% on Zulehka hospital. Neither Gold nor Silver options cover dental or optical insurance.

The Standard plans allow you to extend the geographical scope of your cover to worldwide, including the Indian subcontinent, GCC, Middle East and South East Asia on a reimbursement basis.

The Limited Plan

This Flexi Dubai plan offers inpatient, outpatient and maternity cover at a economical price. The Limited plan offers two options: Bronze and Steel.

Both options use coverage option 1, have an aggregate limit of AED 150,000, and offer co-insurance of 20% on all OP services. The main difference between the two options is that while both use the RN3 network, Steel also uses the PCP network.

Neither options cover dental or optical insurance.  

The Limited plans allow you to extend the geographical scope of your cover to worldwide, including the Indian subcontinent and Philippines on a reimbursement basis.

Value Added Extras

Alongside the main plans, Al Sagr ‘flexi’ plans offer 20 different choices for individuals and families. Customers can opt for Global Emergency Services if you are travelling more than 120km from home or abroad (this service is in partnership with Assist America global emergency services).

Al Sagr promises to issue and activate your policy, and deliver your medical cards in less than three days. The company uses the third-party administrator NEXtCARE for the management and administration of health insurance services.

How to make a claim

Whether you are looking for help, pre-approval on medical care, or wondering what network to select, all customers with one of Al Sagr’s Health Cards gets 24/7 customer service through their TPA Claims Center.

Emergency claims

Present your card when you are admitted for emergency care, if you are at a participating provider. If your medical emergency means you are taken to a non-participating provider, you must follow the reimbursement claims procedure below. As well as attending to your healthcare needs, the provider will contact their third-party administrator.

Al Sagr will get all the necessary information from the hospital and arrange for your expenses to be settled.

If you are treated abroad, you can call the company’s 24-hour claims center. If you require inpatient hospitalization, Al Sagr will arrange direct billing with the hospital.

Non-emergency cover

You should call the claim center for assistance before hospital admission or any other non-emergency and scheduled healthcare appointments. The claim center will help you book an appointment at the appropriate clinic or hospital according to your plan.

If you are abroad, the claim center will also assist with finding a provider that is included in your cover.

Always make sure you have your health insurance card with you. After you have received treatment or bought medicines, you will have to sign the documents provided by the clinic, hospital, or other healthcare provider.

Reimbursement Claims procedure

You will have to pay the initial bill if you receive treatment from a health provider outside the network covered by your policy. However, you can claim for reimbursement if you provide the following:

  • Your health insurance card number
  • A reimbursement claim form signed and stamped by the treating doctor.
  • Original invoices (bills and/or receipts), itemized or broken down by individual tests, procedures, or prescribed medicines
  • Complete test results, surgical reports, lab results, radiology reports, and discharge summary

Submit these documents to [email protected] (or to your Human Resources department) within 90 days of appointment. Your reimbursement claim will be settled within 21 days of the claim being received.

You can submit a complaint using the Al Sagr complaints form found here.

How do I answer a tricky question about Al Sagr health insurance policies?

If you don’t find the answer to your question on their website, try calling their help line on 04-702-8500.

Are the same health insurance policies available in each emirate?

Not quite, Al Sagr offers similar policies in each emirate, but you should double check on their medical insurance portal to see precisely what each policy covers in your emirate.

Do Al Sagr customers get any special treatment?

Yes! If you become an Al Sagr customer you can claim discounts of up to 10% off. Visit their Offer of the Month page to sign up.