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Generali Insurance Medical Insurance Review

With more than 40 years experience of the UAE insurance market, Generali offers both regional and worldwide medical plans, for individuals, small companies and large corporations in Dubai and the northern emirates.

The Generali Group is the largest insurer in Italy and one of the 10 largest insurance companies in the world. But despite being a huge global player, Generali has lots of experience with the UAE market. The company has been operating in the UAE since 1979, when it opened its first office in Dubai.

Generali was founded in 1831 as the Imperial Regia Privilegiata Compagnia di Assicurazioni Generali Austro-Italiche in Trieste, Italy, where it is still based. The company’s logo is a winged lion, the Lion of Saint Mark, the patron saint of Venice and the former Venetian Republic.

Generali Insurance Contact Details

Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.

6th Floor, Rolex Tower

Sheikh Zayed Road

P.O. Box No.: 5910

Dubai, UAE

Tel + 971 4 384 2100

Fax + 971 4 384 2111

[email protected]

Why Generali health insurance?

In the UAE, Generali offer the Global Choice UAE plans for groups and employers, and their Emirates Choice plan for individuals. The Emirates Choice plan is made in partnership with Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance (DNIR).

The Generali Emirates Choice plan has an overall maximum benefit limit of USD 1 million, and treatment is reimbursed 100% if it is on your policy and you are using a healthcare provider on the Generali network (you will be reimbursed 70% outside the network).  Declared preexisting conditions are covered up to USD 41,000, full room and board, USD200 hospital cash per night (max 30 nights), full parent accommodation, full operating theatre and medicines, intensive care, surgery and nurses fees, diagnostic tests, CT/MRI/PET scans, reconstructive surgery, accidental dental treatment, cancer treatment, transplant services, renal dialysis, USD 5,000 psychiatric treatment and psychotherapy, emergency out-patient care, congenital conditions, outpatient surgery, USD 5,000 home nursing, USD 10,000 rehabilitation services, USD 2,750 childbirth (including caesarian), full pre- and postnatal care, USD 41,000 pregnancy related medical conditions, USD 41,000 new born care, full medical evacuation and repatriation including accompanying person, USD 15,000 repatriation of mortal remains, three options for outpatient reimbursement, outpatient consultation, USD 1,500 outpatient psychiatric treatment, USD 10,000 HIV/AIDS, USD 1,500 physiotherapy, USD 1,000 complementary treatment, child vaccinations, hepatitis and cancer screenings, USD 300 routine dental, USD 1,000 restorative dental, optical: full eye tests, USD 250 frames and lenses. You can choose to add a number of premium options to your plan, and choose from three healthcare provider networks: Silver Classic, Silver Premium, and Gold.

Value Added Extras

The Generali has partnered with MedNet to provide you with the mHealth app (Apple and Android) that allows you to submit your claims, check the status of your claims, and look up providers from their network of hospitals, clinics and doctors’ surgeries.

Customers also get access to a range of online heath and wellness tools, which include health and fitness calculators, a symptom checker, interactive health risk assessments, and healthcare advice. All this is available on the Generali Member Portal. (If your employer is paying for your insurance, you also get access to the Generali employee assistance program.)

Claims process

You can either use the MedNet app (Apple and Android), or phone the customer service switchboard number: 800 633638 or 800 4882, their VIP number is 04 275 7802 or email [email protected].

For treatment in other GCC countries:

Oman: Tel: +968 2482 1054

Bahrain: Tel: +973 1756 6175

Qatar: Tel: +974 4443 4122

Kuwait: Tel: +965 6004 3233

Email: [email protected]

For treatment outside GCC:

Inside the UAE: +971 455 08360

Outside the UAE: +1 905 532 3648

Alternatively, visit the Generali Service Centre and make your claim online.

Before you make a claim, make sure you have:

  1. Call the Generali customer service team 5 days before your appointment to preauthorize your treatment, they can also arrange direct billing (where applicable)
  2. Registered for an Generali Insurance account
  3. Your policy details to hand, this includes your policy and membership numbers, as well as personal details
  4. Details about the health care provider you’ve seen, your claim reimbursement form, your invoice and proof of payment, as well as the treatment, consultation or service you received
  5. Documents that support your claim. If you’re going to submit online they should be in an electronic format
  6. Your credit or debit card, or other preferred method of payment

If you’re still unsure check the MedNet Forms and Guides page.

You can make a complaint at the Generali UAE website.


What comes in my Generali membership pack?

The most important documents in your membership pack are your membership card, your certificate of insurance, and your benefit schedule. Your membership card includes your name, membership number and a list of vital contact numbers. Your certificate of insurance lays out your level of cover, and includes the names of those covered, and the start and finish date of your insurance policy. The benefit schedule lays out all the procedures and services that are covered by the policy.

Does Generali require preauthorization before treatment?

You may be liable to pay a contribution towards the cost of services if you have not preauthorized treatment beforehand. Preauthorization will also alert you if you are not eligible for a service.

Does Generali offer any discounts?

The Generali Emirates Choice offers a family discount of 5% for two members, and 10% for three or more. Plus, after two periods of cover (generally two years), you will be eligible for a non-claims bonus (wellbeing and routine dental cover are exempt). You can also apply co-insurance to your outpatient plan, and your premium will be reduced to reflect this cost sharing.

What do I do in event of a medical emergency?

Contact Generali’s international customer service team where possible, using the number on the back of your membership card. The team operates 24/7 and will be able to arrange an appointment with a local hospital or even repatriation. If you have not been able to contact Generali before going into hospital, then try and contact them (or ask someone else to do this for you) as soon as possible afterwards. It is best if you contact Generali within 48-hours. If you cannot contact them (if you are too ill and don’t have a representative), ask you hospital to do so.